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SW Radio Africa is an independent Zimbabwe radio station broadcasting from London in the United Kingdom. With the government of Robert Mugabe keeping a tight reign on the airwaves, the station produces and presents news and current affairs programmes for broadcast in Zimbabwe.

Gerry speaks to Douglas Rogers

Gerry Jackson has a conversation with author Douglas Rogers about his new book The Last Resort - the story of his parents attempts to hold on to their backpackers lodge outside Mutare.

Podcast The Last Resort
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Podcast The Last Resort Diamond Fields
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South African Times Live Podcast

Douglas Rogers‘ memoir of his parents and their struggle to survive and keep their farm in Zimbabwe has been getting a lot of attention, mostly because it’s not another one of those solemn white boy in Africa books. No, The Last Resort is full of wry humour and absurdity that drives home some hard truths about life in our neighbouring state. The author was in studio last week to discuss his parents, his country and his book:

Podcast The Last Resort


South Africa Radio Today Podcast

Sue-Grant-Marshall interviewed Douglas Rogers author of The Last Resort, on Wednesday 25 November 2009

Podcast The Last Resort


FMR Interview With Grry Bowes-Taylor

Podcast The Last Resort

FMR interview with Gorry Bowes-Taylor in Cape Town, December 2009. Gorry and her husband Michael made a special visit to Drifters a few weeks later to meet my parents. What a nice touch.


Talk Radio Europe Interview

Podcast The Last Resort

Talk Radio Europe Interview with Steve Gilmour in Malaga, Spain, January 2010. Great interview. He reckons the south of Spain sounds like Zimbabwe. Ha!

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